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- Megan 

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Welcome to my portfolio! The content found within this digital space has been crafted and curated with the experience of instructing more than 400 courses, facilitating more than 75 training sessions, writing curriculum, designing learning paths, and developing content for multiple corporations and a Fortune 500 organization, leading improvement kaizens, managing level 1 and level 2 strategic development teams, and advanced knowledge of adult learning theories. 

Below, preview how I leverage learning and development to sustain organizational improvements. I know the value of time, so please let me save you some. Click here to see samples of my work. 

My improvement journeys all include:


Define the scenario, assess the audience/stakeholders/SMEs, identify the gaps.

Align objectives, determine mode(s) of delivery, establish key indicators.


Change Management

Communicate clearly, manage expectations, include stakeholders in the journey.

Design curriculum, develop content, hold stakeholders accountable.


Measure efficacy and engagement, focus on critical few, remain curious.

Impact Analysis

Build a RACI, schedule updates and check-ins, fold into daily management.



Megan McDannel

Cleveland, Ohio

To learn more, request a copy of my resume, provide feedback, or inquire about services, please email me using the button below. 

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