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Project Description: 
This training module was designed to help business managers understand the impact individual motivation can have on business performance. Additionally, this training module aims to provide business managers with strategies for tapping into their team's moto reserves. 
Franchisees at this organization were seeing softer returns and, as a result, withdrawing some attention and dedication from their business operations.  Through analysis, I noticed shorter days and fewer end-customers being serviced. When surveying business managers and organizational leaders, a training opportunity became apparent: demonstrating the impact of motivation on business performance.  
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In order to this training to pay off, I would need to demonstrate clearly how remaining committed to the business as well as the business model could impact their bottom lines - in dollar-speak. Armed with knowledge of how motivation can affect performance as well as techniques for creating opportunities for empowerment, business managers would be able to better coach franchisees. My planning focused on establishing objectives around quantifying commitment.
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Change Management
This training aims to modify behaviors both directly (business managers) and indirectly (franchisees). While business managers are required by organizational leaders to complete the training course, to effect actual behavioral change, the impact must be clear and quantified. 
Once I had developed the course outline, built an interactive course module, and loaded the module into our LMS, I rolled out an announcement to all stakeholders. To ensure compliance in completing the module on time, I reported out progress once weekly to organizational leaders

To encourage compliance to content, the module included a discussion board forum that enabled participants to share their best practices. Additionally, a call to action was added to one of the last slides - to be discussed on their next one-on-one with their superiors. 
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Impact Analysis
In order to determine impact to performance, learners were instructed to choose one franchisee who struggled with daily performance. Learners provided key performance metrics at the end of the training module. They were then called to practice some of the strategies presented in the module. As a precursor to the next training module, learners were required to present the same key metrics for the franchisee they focused on as a call to action. Results were weighted against overall performance improvements of all franchisees under their direction. 
Analyzing the data
To sustain the progress, I set up intermittent yet continuous check-ins in future modules. Additionally, performance improvements remained a key metric in business manager annual goals. 
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