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Scroll down to see read about my work flows and learn how I keep

the training going, long after the school bell has rung. 


- Megan 


I'm Megan


Hi! I'm Megan. I've spent the last 10 years in adult education, teaching and training in both higher education and corporate sectors. Most recently, I've been working as an Instructional Designer for a Fortune 500 company near Cleveland, Ohio. This page offers free resources for teachers, job searchers, and anyone interested in personal development. 


If you have any questions, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the contact form. I'm just  few clicks away! 

The ADDIE MODEL serves as a great starting point for me as an Instructional Designer.

It provides a consistent and systematic approach to determining

learner gaps and addressing those gaps through a focused training plan. 

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LEADERBOARDS, a staple of my training programs, are extremely helpful

for both summarizing results for key stakeholders and maintaining

accountability through positive recognition. Leaderboards can also motivate

those who might not readily find the value in the training being offered. 

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Report Out 2.png

TRACKING AND REPORTING the results of any training program is crucial in determining its effectiveness. The frequency of report outs will depend on stakeholder preferences. I find that in most training programs, it is helpful for me to gather data weekly, even if the report-out is scheduled monthly.


As far as depth of reporting, that depends on the needs of the organization and/or the goals of the training. It might be sufficient to report on an individual level in some cases; however, more often than not, key stakeholders will want to see various comparisons of groups across the participant pool (as shown to the right). 

Some helpful data to include in the report out are:

  • pre-test average/median scores

  • post-test average/median scores

  • a sum of the knowledge gap closed

  • a percentage of the teams' completion rates

  • due dates

  • topics


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